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In order to provide a quality response to the dynamic needs of the market, NetISincludes the following set of tools and capabilities:

  • NetIS Dashboard supplies up to the minute information regarding the usage and sale of products, real time monitoring of traffic, GIS information representing the customers’ geographic split, customers' activities, and their number of transactions. The top bar of the NetIS dashboard displays the following real time information: active logins, number of customers, customer transactions, and number of sessions (the information can be drilled down).

  •  Digital Rights Management (DRM) module secures and safeguards premium and sensitive content (PDF, Epub, HTML5), with multiple authentication and authorization methods, including the limitation of standard functions:
    • Viewing and previewing of content
    •  Selecting/Copying/Pasting and Saving
    • Online reading vs. Offline reading
    • Video clip preview (streaming teasers limited in time).
  • Wide array of Authentication Methods:
    • User name and password
    • IP address or IP range(s)
    • oAuth protocol for authentication and registration
    • Authentication of guest users (not logged in or unregistered users) to provide limited usage rights (“Try before you buy” and Teasers).

  • Integrated e-commerce tools enabling the content owner to sell products in a range of smart sales scenarios:
    • Purchase of content impressions (one-time view)
    • Purchase of content subscriptions
    • Purchase of functionality-based rights (i.e., the right to save, print, export content)
    • Purchase of counter-based rights (e.g., the right to print content 10 times)
    • Purchase of time-based rights (e.g., the right to view content for 3 hours or 2 days)
    • Purchase of combined products (e.g., print and ebook as one product)
    • “Try before you buy” (teasers & previews).
  • Multiple Protection Levels: 
    • Medium protection for online reading (clientless)
    • High Offline protection (requires installation of a thin client)
    • Watermarking (PDF) – the text, font size and position can be determined on the page where each e-book/document will be watermarked on the fly
  • Powerful Concurrent Users Management mechanism, that enables:
    • Controlling and managing the  number of actual users per account
    • Locking user accounts to specific devices/computers
    • Defining proper policy in Settings from one of the following options:
      • Each "above quota" login will be allowed but monitored (increased or illegal usage can be detected and acted upon later, by limiting access or by increasing the customer’s usage fees)
      • Warn the customer when the number of concurrent users is "above quota"
      • Unconditionally deny login when the number of concurrent users is “above quota”
  • Targeted CRM module: Enables content owners to manage and track customer's activities and permissions, contact details, products, rights and preferences.
  • Optimizing Content for Search Engines (SEO Ready) NetIS creates a highly ranked environment for search engines by providing friendly and robust SEO capabilities, increasing search engines’ referrals to the content while still maintaining its protection.
  • Dynamic full-text search and retrieval engine providing users with an easy search, retrieval and navigation experience.  In addition to standard full-text search features, this engine supports fields, wordlists, Boolean, wildcards and proximity. Supports Unicode, left to right, right to left and Eastern Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)

Integration with several Payment Interfaces (can be extended further via NetIS API):

  • PayPal
  • Credit cards
  • WorldPay
  • Tencent QQ
  • Alibaba Alipay
  • Wechat
  • Strong auditing and reporting tools, supplying information regarding the sale of products, product consumption, customers' activities and transactions.
  • High availability, scalability and performance with cluster support and load balancing for large collections of content and massive traffic needs.
  • A comprehensive API, web services that allow easy integration with other systems, including CRM, content and permissions servers.
  • “On-The-Go” enabling customers to gain immediate access to content, services and applications via a web or native application for both mobile and tablet environments, making the process of going ”mobile” an effortless step for content owners.
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