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Press - January 20th, 2011

Altran (Spain) and CDI Systems Partner in Spain & Portugal

January 20th, 2011 – Madrid, Spain

Altran Spain and CDI Systems have partnered to bring NetIS™ technology into the booming digital content market in Spain and Portugal. Altran, a global corporation, have identified a great need of content owners to have a platform that allows them to sell content over the Internet in both a carefully protected and easily managed format.

“After reviewing many technologies on the market,” quoted Altran’s Angeles Yanez Rodriguez, “it became clear that NetIS is the only full end-to-end platform that puts all of our client’s needs under one roof. Being able to support a strong DRM and yet at the same time generate top SEO ratings is nowhere to be found in this market except with NetIS.”

“With the migration from print to digital,” said CDI’s representative in Spain, Pedro Loupa, “many content owners feel lost and not sure how to move into the ‘Brave New World’. They realize that if they don’t have one foot into the Internet then they have one foot out of the business but they aren’t sure which foot should go first. When we demonstrate the NetIS platform we see their eyes light up. Technology which addresses all their issues and is easy to use, does not require a large investment or distract existing personnel, makes our offer almost irresistible.”

“Today, ePublishing is not just about traditional book publishers, although they are an important part of the market,” shared CDI’s CEO Itzhak Levit. “Corporations and organizations that are moving vast amounts of data through the Internet, either for sale or merely to distribute, need to control who gets what and who is able to do what with the information. The result has been that giants in the medical, legal, governmental and global corporate space from China to the United States have successfully turned to NetIS.”

About Altran (Spain)

Altran is a global company that offers global business strategy solutions, development, and technological applications and hand key engineering , focused on innovation.

European leader in Technology Consulting and Innovation, the Altran Group is present in over 26 countries and with a team of more than 17,000 consultants covering all fields of engineering and consulting.

Altran Spain is an Altran Group company, specializes in consulting for Innovation, Technology and Engineering, Organization and Information Systems, and Strategy and Management.

The consultant operates throughout the Spanish state level across eight locations distributed on the main Spanish cities. This geographical distribution allows us to meet the different needs of our customers and strategic business networking anywhere in the country.

 About CDI Systems and NetIS™ e-Publishing Platform

CDI Systems is a private high-tech company founded in 1992, headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. CDI focuses on the development of a unique and innovative online publishing platform - NetIS™, the company has successfully deployed scores of solutions for the Internet, Intranet, Mobile Internet, DVD/CD-ROMs, tablets and eReader devices.

Deployments range from global giants such as Dun & Bradstreet from Japan to the United States, government contracts, the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare (EDQM), to publishing houses. Please visit www.cdisys.com to learn more.

For more information

Altran España
Ferran Amago – Marketing and Comunication Director of Altran España y Portugal
Phone: +34 655 83 92 40

Ángeles Bernáldez – External Comunication Responsable
Telf: +34 955 15 84 12 / + 34 629 86 79 86
Telf: +34 91 353 38 45/46
Valvanuz Serna



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