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Main advantages
  System Requirements
Main advantages

Content Management vs. Content Sale

Existing Content Management applications are focused primarily on content production and management, thereby concentrating only on producing and managing digital assets, rather than marketing and selling content profitably, optimized for search engines, securely and effectively, as NetIS does.

Sale of Commodities vs. Secure Sales of Digital Assets

Traditionally, ecommerce servers have been developed for the sale of commodities and not ideally designed for the secure sales of digital assets, as NetIS is.

Built-in DRM

Existing DRM solutions use proprietary and “heavy” readers to protect the content.

NetIS protects the content based on a multi-layered approach (clientless protection or a thin client), providing the user with a “natural and transparent experience”. NetIS’ DRM module is further distinguished by the high level of granularity it provides the content owner, allowing him to define smaller, more specific “commercial units” of content with a full range of functions (view, save, print, copy, etc.).

Authentication and Sales Scenarios

Combining DRM with Authentication is a powerful tool in creating a broad range of sales scenarios such as; Teasers, Single Purchase, Counters, Time & Volume based products, “rentals” and Subscriptions.
NetIS enables the content owners to monitor user activity, concurrent usage, or limit access to a specific computer, mobile device or IP addresses, all done without hindering search engines ability to access the content.

Integrated Solution

All the essential tools you need for online, mobile and tablet content sales within a single software package.
NetIS greatly simplifies the entire e-publishing workflow, requiring less hardware, lower implementation costs and less maintenance. NetIS allows you to manage the online publishing and sales through a simple and intuitive user interface, requiring only a reasonable amount of training.

Responsive UI 

Crafting NetIS web applications and its back-office to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. 
Easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer to smartphones). 

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