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Publish Once – Publish Everywhere!

Distributing content with NetIS over the Internet, Mobile phones and Offline storage devices can be so simple.

Publish Once - Publish Everywhere

One unified repository: The NetIS engine allows you to draw from a single data base your photo images and text and “sell” them on numerous platforms from the web, mobile, USB, DVD, in numerous formats including PDF, HTML, XML and ePub.

Turn “Digits” into “Dollars”

Pay as you play, break the subscription cycle.


E-Commerce: Included in the NetIS engine is a myriad of sales models. NetIS allows you to build your own sales platform combining Content, Rights and Users in any and every manner that works for you.

Where SEO and DRM are Happily Married

Super ratings on the web without your content being vulnerable.

Where SEO and DRM are Happily Married

SEO: Normally, strong DRM prevents a high SEO rating. With NetIS this is no longer a problem. Your content remains fully protected and yet the NetIS engine allows the Google and other robots to “peek” at content long enough to raise your SEO to be among the highest ratings.

Now You See It – Now You Don’t!

You control who sees what, when and for how long and at what price.

Now You See It - Now You Don't

DRM (Digital Rights Management): Allow users to access your content without fear of it being stolen, copied, or printed without your permission. NetIS even protects against screen print.

Lock to device, lock to account, concurrent users, eRentals, Watermark, prevent print, copy & paste

You are in charge 

Our back office puts all the controls at your fingertips.

You are in charge

Back Office Management: NetIS offers in-depth reporting that allows you to view down to the final detail who your customers are, who is buying what, in what format, at what costs and from what markets.

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