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The Company has positioned itself to be a premier high-tech solution provider for the e-publishing market. The services that the Company offers its customers include, amongst others, technology licensing, consultancy and complete turnkey projects. For example CDI Systems has enabled Takdin to become Israel's leading provider of legal content with over 3 thousand law offices and 11,000 attorneys using our technology and content.

NetIS™ brings an entirely new paradigm to the market, presenting the world's first electronic publishing platform that integrates DRM (Digital Rights Management), WCM (Web Content Management), information retrieval and e-commerce tools into a single, seamless platform for the secure distribution and sale of premium content.

Our vision at CDI Systems was to create a "Practical and beneficial approach to e-publishing". To this end, we have placed into the hands of the content owner and the customers (the content purchaser) a wide range of value added tools enabling them to produce maximum value from each piece of premium content and from each purchase.

With NetIS™ content owners can enjoy the advantages of e-publishing without the fear of having their content vulnerable to unauthorized distribution.

Target customers of NetIS™ are:

• Owners of premium content that wish to sell their products over the Internet or Mobile Device

• (STM - Science/Technical/Medical, Legal content, Business, Audio/Video/Directories, Research and Analysts reports, Standards or Patents databases, Archives etc.)

• Organizations that need to protect intellectual property that is placed on the Internet (museums, universities,research facilities, etc.)

• Corporations that place sensitive information on their Intranet (insurance companies, banks, etc.)

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